Okay, we’re playing a bit fast and loose with Christmas storylines here, but it’s Corrie’s 60th birthday today so what better way to celebrate than by remembering the incredible 50th anniversary shows?

The frightening events of Tram Crash Week happened after an explosion at the Joinery – now the Bistro. The arches collapsed and a tram, that was travelling over the top of the bridge, plunged down into the Street, taking out the corner shop and the Kabin.

Tram Crash Week was subtitled Four Funerals* and a Wedding. But the death toll wasn’t the only drama.

As the week began, Cobbles serial killer John Stape attacked former partner-in-crime Charlotte Hoyle with a hammer, leaving her unconscious. As the tram hit the Street, John saw an opportunity and moved Charlotte to the scene of the crash so everyone thought it was the tram that had caused her injuries.

John Stape Coronation Street
John saw an opportunity when the tram crashed into Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Molly Dobbs told husband Tyrone that he wasn’t the father of baby Jack. She revealed she’d been having an affair with Kevin Webster and he was her baby daddy.

Molly Dobbs Coronation Street
Molly died but baby Jack survived (Credit: ITV)

Molly was trapped in the corner shop as the tram crashed. And when Sally bravely went to rescue her, Molly passed her baby Jack before confessing who is dad was. Jack survived but Molly died.

Poor Ashley Peacock popped his clogs after helping Nick Tilsley rescue Peter Barlow from the rubble of the Joinery (now the Bistro). Peter was badly hurt and tied the knot with Leanne Battersby in a what they thought was going to be a deathbed wedding.

Ashley and Peter Corrie tram crash
Ashley died and Peter was badly injured when the Joinery exploded (Credit: ITV)

But Peter pulled through – though he was in a wheelchair for a while – though the marriage didn’t survive.

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Meanwhile, Fiz Stape gave birth to baby Hope prematurely.

And the best line of the dramatic episodes went to Rita Sullivan, who only suffered minor injuries when the tram ploughed into the Kabin.

Rita Sullivan Coronation Street tram crash
What is it with Rita and trams? (Credit: ITV)

“What is it,” she wondered, clearly thinking about her confrontation with evil Alan Bradley in Blackpool, “about me and trams?”

*The fourth death was a taxi driver who had been driving past the Joinery when it exploded.



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