Emmerdale Survival Week shocked and entertained us tonight. And it left us questioning a few decisions. Here’s our rundown of what left us puzzled:

1 Ellis and Priya’s afternoon delight

Emmerdale Survival Week
That’s no way to impress Kim Tate, Priya (Credit: ITV)

They’ve been planning this survival trip for weeks. They’re desperate to prove their worth to Kim Tate. So what do Ellis and Priya do as soon as it gets going? Slope off for some afternoon delight in the tent AND nick the bottle of Champagne everyone’s trying to win.

2 Manpreet’s medical knowledge

Emmerdale Survival Week
Is Manpreet actually a doctor? (Credit: ITV)

We’re not convinced Manpreet’s a real doctor you know? She didn’t spot that Charles’s leg was gushing with blood. Nor did she notice how weak and dizzy he was becoming.

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And when she finally clocked that it wasn’t right, she took off her hoodie and used that as a pretty cumbersome tourniquet, leaving herself at risk of hypothermia. Maybe Liam should check his staff’s CVs more thoroughly in future *stares at Wendy*

3 Andrea confronting Meena

Emmerdale Survival Week
Don’t anger her! (Credit: ITV_

The tension when Andrea realised what Meena had done was amazing. Yay! We thought. Andrea’s going to get help and tell someone what Meena did. But Andrea, bless her, has never been afraid to stand up for herself. We were screaming at the telly when she accused Meena of trying to kill Victoria. It was brilliant drama.

4 Andrea running into the maze

Emmerdale Survival Week
Oh no, Andrea. Oh no. (Credit: ITV)

Why oh why oh why did she run into the maize maze, though? WHYYYYYY? Where did she think she was going?

5 Dead End?

Emmerdale Survival Week
Can something be too brutal if you don’t see it? (Credit: ITV)

The final moments of the episode, when Meena revealed her psychopathic tendencies to a shocked and terrified Andrea were amazing. Right up there among some of the best Emmerdale moments of all time. And when Meena pulled out the Dead End sign we were on the edge of our seats. Emmerdale is so clever when it comes to showing brutality without showing it. We’re still haunted by Gennie Sharma’s death years after it happened! But did this cross a line? Or was it fine by you? Let us know your thoughts.

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