This week’s soaps were a mixed bag of brilliance and boredom, wouldn’t you agree? There was high emotion and a bit of anticlimax too.

Here’s what we loved:

1 Daniel and Daisy in Coronation Street

Daniel and Daisy are winning it for us (Credit: ITV)

Who knew?! Daniel’s really annoying, Daisy’s infuriating, but together they work (though we did think Daniel was pretty nasty to poor Daisy ). We love it when that happens!

2 Eve in EastEnders

We are loving Eve (Credit: BBC)

She’s fabulous, isn’t she? Smart and funny and already we’re loving her strong partnership with Stacey. We think she’s a great addition to the Square and we can’t wait to see what trouble she causes next.

3 Sally with a clipboard in Coronation Street

We’d vote for Sally as PM if we could (Credit: ITV)

We LOVED Sally as mayor of Weatherfield and we’re pleased she’s finally back where she belongs – in local politics. If Sally Metcalfe has a clipboard, then all’s right with the world.

4 Liv’s ordeal in Emmerdale

We were surprised to discover we’re feeling really sorry for Liv (Credit: ITV)

Liv’s behaviour has been getting worse and worse recently and now it’s landed her in the worst kind of trouble – being charged with Ben’s murder.

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But while we’re sad for Liv, we’re loving the brilliant performances Isobel Steele is producing. She’s such a talented actress and her desperation as Liv tries to remember what really happened is breaking our hearts.

5 The far-right story in EastEnders

The far-right storyline in EastEnders
The far-right storyline in EastEnders is a hard watch, but a great plot (Credit: BBC)

From uncomfortable under-currents and muttered insults over the last few weeks, the far-right story suddenly ramped up a gear this week and it was astonishing. Mitch’s speech to Tiffany had the hairs on the back of our neck standing up. Isaac’s fear. Keegan’s bravery. Karen’s heartbreak. And the horrible, sinister, disgusting behaviour of Aaron and his gang all combined to make Friday’s Enders one of the best episodes of the year. In fact, we might watch it again right now. It’s a bold storyline to cover and we applaud the team at EastEnders for tackling it head on.

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