Horror Nation Street has arrived in Weatherfield with an end-of-days style storm and lots of drama to kick off Corrie’s Super Soap Week!

Here’s what got us talking in tonight’s episodes.

1: It felt like watching a film

Horror Nation Street
There was a definite cinematic feel to tonight’s eps (Credit: ITV)

The special effects, the background actors, the rain – it all felt a bit more Hollywood than the usual Corrie episodes.

2: We want Corey to face justice

Horror Nation Street
We don’t want Abi to kill Corey (Credit: ITV)
Corey’s so smirky and smug, we’re really hoping Abi doesn’t finish him off deep in the sewers of Horror Nation Street. Like Nina said, we want him to see his mates play football and get married and live their lives while he rots in prison. Fingers crossed!

3: We LOVE Harvey

Horror Nation Street
Yes he’s a murderous, vengeful, evil drug lord, but we love Harvey! (Credit: ITV)

Harvey clambering out of the prison van like a zombie emerging from a grave was our fave moment of both episodes and his little neck crack made it even better. We loved it.

4: Why was Dev so slooooow?

Horror Nation Street
A bit of urgency wouldn’t go amiss, Dev (Credit: ITV)
We’re just saying, if our kids were trapped in a car that was about to explode, we’d be a bit quicker about trying to rescue them. Hurry up, Dev!

5: Why did Harvey head to Horror Nation Street?

Horror Nation Street
Harvey’s plan worked perfectly even when Kev showed up. But then he decided to pop into the Bistro (Credit: ITV)
He clonked Kev on the head, he had a plane waiting on the runway, Black-Widow style. He was home and dry. But then he decided to pop in and see Leanne on his way out of Dodge? Riiiiiight.
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