While we were watching Linda Carter struggling to cope with her alcoholism in EastEnders last night, we couldn’t help thinking there was one person who could give her the help she so desperately needs.

Unfortunately, that person is Peter Barlow and he lives hundreds of miles away in Coronation Street, wasting his time helping Yasmeen Nazir with her non-existent drinking problem. Bad luck for L.

Peter Barlow and Linda Carter
Peter can help Linda fight her demons (Credit: ITV/BBC)

But then we started thinking about other soap crossovers we want to see. And it turns out there are quite a lot of them…

Priya Sharma and Honey Mitchell

Priya Sharma and Honey Mitchell
Priya understands what Honey is going through (Credit: ITV/BBC)

Honey’s eating disorder is causing her big problems and while Ash is trying to help, she really needs someone who totally understands. So who better than Emmerdale’s Priya? She’s battled eating problems too and she knows about being a good role model to her daughter.

Cain Dingle, Fiz Stape and Whitney Dean

Fiz Stape, Cain Dingle, Whitney Dean
Do any of them have an answer? (Credit: BBC/ITV)

We reckon this lot could form a support group about what to do when someone from your past turns up and tries to ruin your life. Fiz could cover child abduction, Whit could do stalking and Cain could take on cheating spouses. They’ve got a lot of experience. But no real solutions.

Gary Windass and Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler and Gary Windass
If it’s an accidental criminal you’re after, we know where to find one. Or two. (Credit: BBC/ITV)

You know how it is? One minute you’re plodding along, happily selling fruit and veg or building stuff and the next you’re accidentally embroiled in a life of crime, adding murder, theft and hit and runs to your list of misdemeanours? We reckon Martin and Gary would have a lot to talk about.

Rita Tanner and Dot Branning

Rita Tanner and Dot Cotton
Rita wouldn’t be so lonely if she made friends with Dot (Credit: ITV/BBC)

Dot may be more about the Bible than the stage, but she’s got a wild side and we can’t help thinking she’d love to hear some of Rita’s stories from her time treading the boards and singing in clubs. And we know for sure that Rita would love to tell them.

Callum Highway, Ben Mitchell and Aaron Dingle

Ballum and Aaron
Aaron could give Ballum a shoulder to cry on (Credit: ITV/BBC)

If anyone knows the pain of losing your true love, then finding him again, then losing him again, then finding him again, then losing him (you get the picture), it’s Aaron Dingle. With poor Callum and Ben pining for one another and clearly meant to be together, while tortured Aaron is desperately trying to get over husband Robert, we think they could help each other through the dark times. And who knows, maybe Callum could fix Aaron up with that handsome paramedic he gave the brush off to?


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