Emmerdale Survival Week got even more thrilling in tonight’s two episodes. Meena’s claimed another victim, and how very, very sad was it?

Emmerdale Survival Week
Is it really the end of Andrea? (Credit: ITV)

Here’s what we thought:

1 Andrea’s alive!

Emmerdale Survival Week Andrea
She’s alive! (Credit: ITV)

We thought she was a goner at the end of yesterday’s episode. We really thought Meena was going to batter her with the Dead End sign and that would be it. Game over. So we were VERY pleased to see her still standing at the start of tonight.

2 But for how long?

Emmerdale Survival Week Andrea
But Meena wasn’t giving up (Credit: ITV)

Meena, though, was on a mission and though Andrea put up a fight with the flare gun, she couldn’t hold off the murderous nurse much longer.

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That crack on the head surely finished her off.

3 Andrea’s alive!

Emmerdale Survival Week Andrea
Stay with us, Andrea (Credit: ITV)

Nope! She’s still with us. Oh thank goodness, we thought. Thank blooming goodness. She’s going to be all right. Poor little Millie won’t lose both parents in the space of a month and she’ll reveal Meena’s murderous secret to the world.

4 Andrea’s still alive!

Emmerdale Survival Week Andrea
We’re totally avoiding maize mazes from now on (Credit: ITV)

We bet we weren’t the only ones screaming at our TV screens, willing Andrea to get to the radio in the centre of the maze, hoping against hope that she’d make it. And she did! She grabbed the radio and she begged for help. Hooray!

5 Nope.

Though Andrea bravely tried to cry for help, with her life ebbing away, Ben, Billy and Charity were too busy arguing and shouting at each other to hear her desperate pleading. If only they’d heard her voice, they’d have known Meena was lying when she told the emergency services that there was no one else in the maze.

Is this really the end of Andrea? What do you think?

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