Ben Mitchell showing his romantic side was a big highlight of the week for us. In fact, there were some real superstars among the men of soap this week. And, we have to admit, some of them surprised us. Here’s our rundown of the best men in this week’s episodes.

Ben Mitchell in EastEnders

Ballum is Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway
That face, though (Credit: BBC)

Well, of course. You can’t beat a bit of Ballum and this week’s EastEnders totally delivered on that front. When the men’s big day was cancelled, Callum was devastated. But Ben swooped in like some sort of wedding superhero. He arranged a ceremony, booked the reception, and saved the day. What a sweetheart Walford’s second scariest crime lord is shaping up to be!

Zack Hudson in EastEnders

Zack Hudson
We’ve got a lot of questions about Zack but we still love him (Credit: BBC)

We have a lot of questions about Zack. Who’s his mum? Did he ever see his dad in  South Africa? Did he know Gavin was faking his death? But all those (fairly huge) questions aside, we can’t help loving him. He’s fitted in to the Square so well, we can hardly remember what it was like without him.

Dev Alahan in Coronation Street

Dev and Asha
Dev is levelling up his parenting skills (Credit: ITV)

When Asha moved in with Corey, we expected Dev to blow a gasket. But, after a chat with Yasmeen, he realised that wasn’t the best way to deal with his rebellious daughter. Instead, he is sticking by her side, letting her know he’s got her back. We like it.

Marlon Dingle in Emmerdale

Marlon Dingle
Marlon is such a sweetheart (Credit: ITV)

Isn’t he just the sweetest member of the Dingle clan (well, apart from Vinny, of course)?

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He’s having money troubles but he’s still got time to worry about Billy and Ellis and make sure they’re okay. And perhaps he could do with toughening up a tiny bit, so he’s not a complete pushover, but we still love him. And so does Rhona. Awww.

Todd Grimshaw in Coronation Street

Todd Coronation Street
We were as surprised as you were, Todd, to find you on this list (Credit: ITV)

We know! It’s taken us by surprise too. He was so awful to George and George’s customers early on in the week’s episodes but meeting his old schoolfriend and sharing his memories of his baby, Billy, who died, seemed to flip a switch in the icy Grimshaw heart. Will he be nicer from now on? The jury’s still out on that one!

And what about the bad boys? You can read our rundown of this week’s worst offenders here.

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