Before his killing spree, legendary Corrie serial killer John Stape kept himself busy wooing 16-year-old Rosie Webster.

John was dating Fiz at the time, but that didn’t stop him having a passionate affair with teenage Rosie.

By Christmas Day 2007, girlfriend Fiz was getting suspicious and convinced John was sneaking around behind her back. She, though, thought he was doing the dirty with Sally Webster (as she was back then), not her daughter.

Fiz and the Websters Coronation Street
Fiz stormed round to confront Sally (Credit: ITV)

As the families all settled down to open their presents, John realised he’d mixed up Rosie’s gift with Fiz’s. #Awks.

If only he’d used different wrapping paper (Credit: ITV)

Sure this was the proof she was looking for, Fiz went storming round to the Websters’ house and accused Sally of having an affair with her fella.

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When it was revealed that it was actually Rosie who John had been romancing, protective dad Kevin was furious. He beat John up in the street to teach him a lesson and was arrested for assault.

Kevin Webster punches John Stape Coronation Street
Kevin was furious (Credit: ITV)

John did not learn his lesson: he later kidnapped Rosie and kept her prisoner in his gran’s house.

John Stape Coronation Street
He deserved it (Credit: ITV)

And that’s before we get to all the serial killer stuff. His storyline was only just beginning!


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