It’s been a standout week for the soaps in lots of ways. Here are the four things we really loved.

EastEnders: Ben’s additional hearing loss

Ben and Jay in EastEnders
Ben’s struggling with his additional hearing loss (Credit: BBC)

When Ben’s hearing loss first became obvious after the boat crash, we thought it was just a plot device so he didn’t hear Keanu telling him where Callum was. But it’s so much more than that. Max Bowden’s been brilliant, playing Ben’s confusion and isolation in such a heartbreaking and believable way. And the idea to make viewers hear what Ben is hearing is inspired. Bravo, EastEnders. We’re really looking forward to seeing what happens next (happiness for Ballum, right? Please!).

Emmerdale: Rhona fighting back

Rhona streaming Pierce's confession in Emmerdale
Rhona streamed Pierce’s confession and then felled Pierce with an injection of bull tranquiliser. What a woman! (Credit: ITV)

Rhona Goskirk is a brave woman, but she’s been a bit broken since Graham died, understandably. But oh my goodness, did she find her spirit when she faced off with Pierce in Laurel’s cottage. We loved how she streamed Pierce’s confession straight to the Free Marlon website. How cool, calm and collected was she? And then she took down her attacker with a syringe full of bull tranquiliser. If there’s a crisis, then Rhona’s the woman we want in our corner.

Emmerdale: Paddy and Marlon’s bromance

Paddy and Marlon in Emmerdale
#squadgoals (Credit: ITV)

It’s the most enduring and most endearing relationship in the Dales and seeing Paddy collect Marlon from prison showed us just how important their friendship is. Through romance disasters, marriage break-ups, baby losses, and career dramas, the two mates have always been there for one another. Don’t ever change, guys.

EastEnders: Jean and Daniel 

Jean and Daniel in EastEnders
How cute are their matching hats? (Credit: BBC)

In an episode full of tragedy, Daniel’s death could have been lost among the drama. But instead it was a quiet, perfect moment between him and Jean. He slipped away quietly, sitting in the sunshine on Arthur’s bench in the Square. Jean told him he was the love of her life and that she was going to spend her future being more Jean. Our hearts are breaking for her, but we’re totally adopting that approach to life. #BeMoreJean

But we didn’t like…

Coronation Street: the women (again) 

Gemma baby group Coronation Street
Gemma took the quads to a baby group (Credit: ITV)

Being a new mum is hard enough when you’ve just got one bundle of joy to deal with, but Gemma’s got four, and we’re fairly sure her mental health’s suffering as a result. But our Gem’s a smart cookie. She’s streetwise and sassy. Unconventional, perhaps, but not stupid. Never that. Would she really wear tight skinny jeans to a yoga class? And as for the lazy, stereotype of the bitchy mums. Yawn. Believe us when we say, there’s no-one more understanding and supportive than a group of sleep-deprived new mums.

And while we’re having a rant about the rubbish portrayal of women in Corrie, can we mention hard-nosed businesswoman Carla leaving her unsealed sealed bid on the counter at Preston’s Petals (though we’re not sure if this was deliberate? She did NOT want to move into number one!), Beth’s nasty name-calling (it’s really not cool to call a rape victim a slapper, Beth. In fact, never call anyone a slapper.). And Bethany giving up her dreams to play happy families with a man who clearly doesn’t love her (listen to your mum, Bethany. She’s speaking sense, for once).

Plus, we’re sure we’re not the only ones who are still processing Geoff’s latest tormenting of poor Yasmeen. It might take us a while to get over this one – more about it all next week.


2 thoughts on “Four things we loved in this week’s soaps and one thing we hated

  1. All the soaps are brilliant at the moment, BUT, Geof’s bullying is out of control. I can’t bear to watch it. I was in tears with the Charlotte episode. I’m not a vegan, but i was sick. Please let this end soon.

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