Back in 2005, Hollyoaks student Justin Burton fell hard for Becca Hayton, even though she was older than him, in a relationship with Jake Dean, and – most shockingly, Justin’s teacher.

Justin Burton Hollyoaks
Justin had a crush on Becca (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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For a while Justin’s crush was unrequited while Becca’s romance with Jake hit a rough patch. The pair reconciled and got married but Becca and Justin were growing closer.

Becca knew the romance was a bad idea
Becca knew the romance was a bad idea (Credit: Lime Pictures)

When Becca found out Justin was sleeping with Nicole Owen, she was jealous. And so, on Christmas Eve 2005, she went to Justin’s house and confessed how she was feeling.

Justin was pleased, but confused, by what Becca had to say. But when he asked what she wanted, she admitted she didn’t know and left.

She didn’t go far, though – just loitering outside the front door. And when Justin opened it again, the pair were soon kissing.

On Christmas Day, Becca endured the festivities with the Deans and then took herself back to the Burtons’ house where she and Justin slept together.

Becca and Justin Hollyoaks
Becca and Justin first kissed on Christmas Eve 2005 (Credit: Lime Pictures)

It was the beginning of a torrid and controversial affair that in the end led to Becca having Justin’s baby – Charlie – and being imprisoned when Justin lied about how old he was when they first slept together.

Becca was later stabbed in prison by cellmate Fran and died in 2007, while Justin stayed in Hollyoaks until 2009 when he said goodbye to Becca at the cemetery before leaving the village.

Becca’s death was revisited in 2018 when her sister Nancy met pupil Brooke Hathaway and discovered her mother was Fran – who’d killed Becca. Nancy visited Fran, who was dying, and told her Becca would forgive her.

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