Emmerdale Survival Week is up and running! The first episode threw us right into the action and we have to admit, we enjoyed every minute of it.

Here are the five things we really  loved in tonight’s ep.

1: The tension when Manpreet went over the edge

Emmerdale Survival Week
Our hearts were in our mouths when Manpreet went over the edge (Credit: ITV)

We knew Meena had tampered with the straps on Victoria’s harness, but could Manpreet have picked it up? Our hearts were in our mouths as she headed down the side of the cliff. It was brilliantly, genuinely tense.

2: Meena’s face when she made it down safely

Emmerdale Survival Week
Meena’s our fave soap serial killer right now – sorry, Gray! (Credit: ITV)

And OMG Meena’s face. Isn’t Paige Sandhu an amazing actress? We could read every emotion in Meena’s expressions as they went from concern that Manpreet could die, to interest in what was about to happen, to actual disappointment when her sister landed safely on the ground.

3: Mack and Charity

Emmerdale Survival Week
We miss Vanity, but Mack and Charity are growing on us (Credit: ITV)

We were devoted to Vanity, that’s true. And we were NOT on board when Charity’s out-of-the-blue bunk up with Mack led to the demise of her relationship with Vanessa. But, we have to admit, Mack and Charity as a couple have really grown on us. And their romance really shone in tonight’s episode.

4: Paddy and Marlon

Emmerdale Survival Week
National. Treasures. (Credit: ITV)

Are national treasures and should be preserved at all costs. That’s all we have to say.

5: The awesome cliffhanger for the first episode of Emmerdale Survival Week

Emmerdale Survival Week
Is someone going to meet a watery end after that dramatic cliffhanger? (Credit: ITV)

It may not have been the literal cliffhanger we were expecting but how thrilling was the last minute of tonight’s episode? We genuinely jumped with fear when the bridge collapsed and we’re counting down the hours until tomorrow’s show airs.

Bonus: Beautiful Yorkshire

Producer Kate Brooks said that in Emmerdale Survival Week she wanted to focus on what makes the show different from the other soaps, and that’s its location. I think we can all agree that the amazing Yorkshire scenery is shown off to perfection. BRB just booking a holiday (though perhaps not a survival break!).

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