Emmerdale Survival Week is really ramping up now! Wasn’t tonight’s episode a thriller? With the rope bridge having snapped, sending Manpreet, Charles, David and Victoria plunging into the rapids, things were getting terrifying.

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But it wasn’t all high-drama. We had some really clever direction that gave us light relief with Charity and Mack, along with some heartfelt sentiment with Marlon and Paddy, so the tension of the happenings in the river felt even more thrilling.

Here are the characters we think stole the show tonight:

1 Victoria Sugden

Emmerdale Survival Week
Victoria was brilliant in tonight’s episode (Credit: ITV)

What a brilliant actress Isabel Hodgins is. There were points during Vic’s terrifying sweep downstream towards the waterfall when we weren’t completely sure she was acting, she was that convincing! And the sweet connection between Victoria and David, with a touch of their hands and her refusal to leave him behind, was gorgeous. We just hope Vic makes it out alive!

2 Paddy Dingle

Emmerdale Survival Week
No one would let Paddy play when he was a kid (Credit: ITV)

Yes, we’re beginning to sound like a broken record but honestly, the endearing friendship between Marlon and Paddy is an unexpected highlight of these episodes. Paddy talking about how he didn’t get invited to play with the other kids broke our hearts. Thank goodness he found Marlon, eh?

3 Marlon Dingle

Emmerdale Survival Week
Made for each other (Credit: ITV)

And thank goodness Marlon found him. We cheered when he announced they were building a den. We totally want to be in their gang.

4 Mackenzie Boyd

Emmerdale Survival Week
Turns out Mack’s quite the softie (Credit: ITV)

He’s got a heart after all! The wise-cracking scammer lost his cool when he thought Charity had fallen into a deep pond and vanished. And then he fessed up to liking her – a lot. He’s such a cutie.

5 Manpreet Sharma

Emmerdale Survival Week
Is Manpreet about to pop her clogs? (Credit: ITV)

We’ve never really had strong feelings one way or another for Manpreet. She’s just been ticking along in the background. But she was so sweet and tender with Charles that we suddenly felt a rush of affection for her. And now we’re totally scared she’s going to die. Uh-oh.

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