Coronation Street Super Soap Week continued with a hole (see what we did there?) lot of drama tonight.

In fact, there was so much action in tonight’s episodes that we weren’t sure where to start! But here are some discoveries we made while Jenny, Corey, Abi and Ryan’s generator were falling down sink holes.

1 We need to go to the optician

Super Soap Week
It was hard to see, right? Or was it just us? (Credit: ITV)

It was dark, right? Tonight’s episode. At the risk of sounding like one of those disgruntled telly watchers who writes to the newspaper to whinge about mumbled dialogue in Line of Duty, we found we were squinting at the screen all the time.

The driving rain, the night-time setting, the gushing water and bits of walls collapsing all combined to make it quite hard to see what was going on. Did we miss anything important?

2 Leanne is hard as blooming nails (and Toyah follows the police on Twitter)

Coronation Street Super Soap Week
Leanne’s back, baby! (Credit: ITV)

Do not mess with Leanne Battersby. Just don’t. She’s no pushover, as Harvey found out in tonight’s episode.

After a pretty awful year for poor Leanne, we’re loving her showing her feisty side again.

And of course Toyah follows the police on Twitter. Of course she does.

3 Guns aren’t as sensitive as you’d think

Coronation Street Super Soap Week
That gun’s been through almost as much as Abi has (Credit: ITV)

We’re no experts on firearms, but sometimes on the telly you see people treating loaded guns with extreme care as if they could go off at any time. And, in fact, they often do.

But not Abi’s gun. Nope.

It seems to have survived a plunge into the sinkhole, endless swapping from her to Corey and back again, and being swept away on a wall of water. And how lucky was it that it floated (do guns float?) right to Harvey’s fingertips eh?

4 Harvey Gaskell is the best

Coronation Street Super Soap Week
The campaign to get Harvey to move to Weatherfield starts here (Credit: ITV)

And speaking of Harvey, we love him. LOVE. HIM.

We’re slightly hoping he survives all the drama and comes to live in Weatherfield where he can tell us tales of girls he seduced in the past, and let us know what he thinks of the rain, all while giving Leanne menacing looks and lurking round corners.

Will Mellor is a genius and Harvey belongs on the cobbles. Make it happen, Corrie bosses. Pleeeeease.

5 Roy Cropper is a hero

Coronation Street Super Soap Week
Roy’s a hero (Credit: ITV)

Well we knew that already but OMG how brilliant was he in tonight’s episode? He quietly and firmly talked Abi into letting him rescue her from “drowning in her own self-pity”, and rescued Corey who we all know he loathes.

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Everything he did in tonight’s episodes was absolutely perfect and David Neilson deserves all of the awards for the rest of time.

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