Soap kids are often sadly and shamefully neglected, whether they live in Walford, Weatherfield or Emmerdale. There is, of course, the well-known legend of Tracy Barlow going upstairs to listen to her tapes not to be seen again for ten years. But she’s not the only youngster in EastEnders, Coronation Street or Emmerdale to vanish mysteriously. We’ve rounded up the kids we’ve not seen for aaaaages:

1 Carl Holliday and Elliot Windsor in Emmerdale

Elliot Windsor in Emmerdale
Elliot is as surprised as we are that he’s been seen on screen! (Credit: ITV)

Though they’re sometimes seen trailing after Jimmy and Nicola, or big sister Angel, the ‘King’ boys are more often than not just making noise off-screen.

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In fact, we reckon Diane only bought them that drum kit at Christmas to remind us all they still existed.

2 Tommy, Bert, Ernie and Cherry Moon in EastEnders

Hayley Slater and Cherry in EastEnders
We think Cherry lives with the Slaters since mum Hayley left, but we’re not sure (Credit: BBC)

Twins Bert and Ernie and older brother Tommy are occasionally causing havoc in the Slater house.

Bert, Ernie and Tommy Moon in EastEnders
Bert, Ernie and Tommy Moon are normally causing chaos (Credit: BBC)

But where is baby Cherry? We think she still lives there, but we might be wrong. Can anyone remember?

3 Baby Abi Branning in EastEnders

Rainie Cross and Abi Branning in EastEnders
Rainie put up a fight for Abi and then took her to buy crack. Tut tut. (Credit: BBC)

Rainie put up a big fight to take on the care of her baby great niece. Abi’s still only a tot, but she seems to know when to make herself scarce. Like when Rainie’s putting on a fake funeral for Daniel and Jean, for example.

4 Cathy and Heath Hope in Emmerdale

Cathy, Heath and Bob Hope in Emmerdale
Cathy and Heath only appear when Bob’s in trouble (Credit: ITV)

They had a while when they were on our screens all the time, but as Bob got himself back on his feet, the twins faded from storylines. Now they’re only mentioned by stepmum Brenda every now and then. Poor Cathy and Heath.

5 Amba Metcalfe in Emmerdale

Amba and Priya Emmerdale
Amba is one of the cutest kids in soap (Credit: ITV)

Mum Priya’s rushed off her feet right now, standing in for Jai at the outdoor pursuits centre, and coping with the aftermath of Graham’s murder. So who’s looking after little Amba? Erm… no idea. And we’re outraged about it, because Amba is super-cute and we need to see more of her.

Harry Platt

And we can’t finish this round-up without giving a special mention to Corrie’s Harry Platt who appears and disappears whenever’s convenient.

Sarah and Harry Platt in Coronation Street
Harry’s sometimes there, sometimes not (Credit: ITV)

When Sarah returned from Milan a few weeks ago, she was eager to pick things up with Adam as soon as she got back to the Street. But where was Harry? Had she left him at the airport? Had he stolen his namesake’s invisibility cloak? No one seemed concerned. Luckily he reappeared later, but we’re keeping a close eye on him in case it happens again!

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