It’s been a big week for Emmerdale but that’s not the only soap that’s taught us a few things this week (some more welcome than others).

1 Fat Elvis has needs

Big Mo in EastEnders
Big Mo went in search of the marg for Big Elvis (Credit: BBC)

Not only did we discover that EastEnders legend Fat Elvis is still very much on the scene (did he and Mo get married at one point or did we imagine that?), we also found out that he has a liking for a smear of marg. “Fat Elvis is in need,” said Mo. No, we don’t want to know exactly what he needs the marg for. That’s quite enough of that, thank you..

2 Sarah’s got a flair for social media

Charity and Vanessa Vanity wedding Emmerdale
Charity and Vanessa’s insta takeover (Credit: ITV)

When Vanity announced they were getting married, their families were thrilled. And none more so than Charity’s granddaughter, Sarah. She snapped a pic of the happy couple and posted it online, tagging it ‘my Granny’s surprise gay wedding’. Sadly, though the photo was a huge success the wedding wasn’t, thanks to evil Graham.

3 Keep an eye on the hair and makeup on the women of EastEnders 

Sharon in EastEnders
Sharon’s eyelashes are back! Look out, Phil! (Credit: BBC)

We’ve been a bit obsessed with Linda’s hair for a while now. When she has her doughnut bun you know it’s bad times for poor L. And now Sharon’s got in on the act. Dowdy and makeup-free when she thought Keanu was toast, she dug out her false eyelashes and did her hair as soon as she found out he was alive. She’s back, baby! Sharon’s back.

Rhona writing to Marlon in Emmerdale
How nice is Rhona’s handwriting (Credit: ITV)

She may have been writing an awful, horrible letter to Marlon explaining she was taking his beloved son off to France, but how beautifully did she write it? We’re totes getting Rhona to write all our Christmas cards next year.

5 Erm, does someone want to tell Callum about Hev?

Callum Highway EastEnders
Please don’t break his heart, Ben! (Credit: BBC)

In the emotional scene between Ben and Callum when Ben poured his heart out and Callum tried to calm him down, Mr Highway had some reassuring words for his sweetheart. “You’re not a killer,” he told Mr M. “It’s not in you.” Erm. #awks



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