It’s not easy to choose soap’s funniest characters because there are so many! People who don’t watch the soaps often complain that they’re too dark and gloomy to be entertaining. But we fans know that Coronation Street, EastEnders, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale often give us some properly good laughs.

Every soap has some brilliant actors who manage to cope with the most dramatic storylines and make us chuckle, too. With so much hilarity on screen at the moment it was hard to choose five of soap’s funniest characters, but we got there in the end (spoiler alert – Corrie most definitely comes out on top).

5 Shirley Carter

Carters Spice Girls EastEnders
Shirley’s scarier than Scary Spice (Credit: BBC)

Shirl just needs to look at someone in a certain way and we’re dying. Her grumpy nature is always good value and we love her even more when she shows a chink in that armour of hers.

4 Evelyn Plummer

Evelyn Corrie
Evelyn’s sharp tongue is a Corrie highlight (Credit: ITV)

She’s horrible to everyone – she even once had a pop at Holly Willoughby – but we can’t help loving Evelyn’s barbed comments. Especially when she aims them at evil Jade. Right?

3 Jenny Connor

Jenny Connor Coronation Street
Jenny is the queen of Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

We blooming love Jenny (she’ll always be Jenny Bradley to us). She’s the living breathing embodiment of #nofilter and it’s brilliant. And her face when Michelle humiliated Robert at their wedding was a picture.

2 Charity Dingle

Charity Dingle Emmerdale
From drama to comedy and back again before the ad break – that’s Charity (Credit: ITV)

She can do no wrong in our eyes, and one of the reasons we love Charity so much is how smoothly she goes from tragedy to comedy. From facing down her rapist in court, to shamelessly exploiting cousin Chas’s good nature, she’s the best. Who else wants the cushion with Charity’s face on that she bought Sarah when she was in hospital?

1 Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor Coronation Street
We owe it all to you, Mary. (Credit: ITV)

Who else could we put at number one than lovely Mary? Whether she’s practising Dirty Dancing moves in the florist with Tracy, showing off her bridge skills in the Rovers, or getting the party started at the Baileys’ she’s never less than hilarious. Coronation Street is a better place because she’s in it. Never change, Mary. Never.

Who’s your fave funny character in soap? Should there be more men in this list? Less Corrie? More Hollyoaks? Let us know! 

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