1.EastEnders: Suki Panesar is a bad ‘un

Suki Panesar in EastEnders
Suki Panesar has made her mark on the Square already (Credit: BBC)

We KNEW there was something up the Panesar boys’ beloved mum because Ash was so against her moving to the Square. And it turns out she’s worse than we could even imagine. She’s faking her cancer in order to manipulate her kids and befriending poor Jean in order to ‘nick’ her symptoms. And she’s not even been in Walford a week yet. What else is she going to get up to?!

2. Emmerdale: Graham’s definitely dead

Dead Graham
Graham’s corpse was like something out of a horror film! (Credit: ITV)

And he’s the most convincing corpse we’ve ever seen in soap. Well done to Emmerdale’s make-up department! Plus, while we’re on the subject of Graham’s untimely demise… who knew Marlon’s middle name is Sebastian?

3. Coronation Street: We’re so sad for Maria

Maria and Beth in Coronation Street
We’re heartbroken for Maria (Credit: ITV)

When someone’s been in a soap so long they become part of the furniture, we sometimes forget just how good they really are. And we were guilty of that with Samia Longchambon, who plays Maria Connor. But this week’s heartbreaking scenes reminded us just how good an actress Samia is. And they also reminded us that Maria and Beth are sisters in law! Which we had TOTALLY forgotten.

4. Coronation Street: Geoff is really horrible

Geoff and Yasmeen in Coronation Street
It’s hard to watch Geoff abusing Yasmeen in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Oh my goodness. It wasn’t easy to watch the scenes when Geoff forced Yasmeen to neck most of a bottle of red wine. He was so cruel and she was so confused by what he was doing. We fear there’s more nastiness in store for Yas in next week’s episodes.

5. Coronation Street: Sally’s worst nightmare

Tim bigamy Coronation Street
Sal’s coped with worse shocks than this in her time (Credit: ITV)

Tim’s bigamy being in the Gazette is Sally’s worst nightmare. Worse than when she had cancer, when Rosie was kidnapped, when Sophie was run over, or when Sal went to prison for a fraud she didn’t commit, apparently. Riiiight.

2 thoughts on “Five things we learned in this week’s soaps

  1. All the soaps are brilliant at the moment but Emmerdale is in the front. Super acting from the kids upwards. Corries abusive storyline is so very hard to watch. Please let it end soon. Yasmeen doesn’t deserve this disgusting man. Get rid of him soon.

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