In last night’s EastEnders Linda announced the Queen Vic has been voted Best London Pub 2020. Hooray! And the prize is a party on a boat on the River Thames with a free bar!

And while Mick’s face told us exactly what he thought of Linda on a boat with a load of free booze, we couldn’t help worrying too. Because it’s been revealed that EastEnders will be marking the show’s 35th anniversary with a huge stunt on board a boat – and a major character will be killed off!

As the news broke, fans took to social media to discuss who they think will be killed in the dramatic episode.

Many fans shared their theory that Linda hits the booze hard to celebrate the win, and falls overboard. When Mick sees her in the water, he dives in to save her and drowns. After all, we know he’s not a strong swimmer – remember those lessons he had with Ian Beale? It definitely sounds plausible – but EastEnders without Mick? It’s not possible, surely?!

Some fans thought Linda would be the one to pop her clogs, after one too many drinks at the party.

Other viewers said they wanted it to be Chantelle’s evil husband Gray who ends up dead. There’s no doubting the abusive lawyer deserves to get his comeuppance. Perhaps he’ll be sleeping with the fishes this February.

With Tilly Keeper soon departing Enders, others predicted it would be her alter ego Louise Mitchell who meets a watery end.

While others just hoped it wasn’t going to be Callum who dies and breaks Ben’s heart – again.

With Peter Beale having been recast and heading back to Albert Square soon, other fans predicted he would be back to die. While others thought it could be Bobby who drowns.

And a couple of fans thought it would be a fitting way to tie up the Whitney and Leo story with the troubled stalker ending up in the water.

Meanwhile, one viewer pulled out the big guns and predicted it would be Phil who dies in the anniversary episode! “I have a strange feeling it’s Phil Mitchell,” he said. Could happen!

And in among all those dramatic predictions one fan had a simple request. “Better not be Shrimpy!” begged Dj Feminem UK.

We’re with you on that one!

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