Can we just take a minute to appreciate how fabulous Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle is? Sometimes as a soap fan it’s easy to take long-term characters for granted, but we reckon it’s important to really think about what makes them special.

And who better to start with than the amazing Charity Dingle? Emmerdale’s mouthiest mamma. Here’s why we love her.

1 She’s got a convincing backstory

DI Bails in court in Emmerdale
Charity’s bravery meant DI Bails went to jail (Credit: ITV)

We’d known Charity for ever when we discovered she’d been a victim of sexual exploitation at the hands of DI Bails. And that she’d had a baby who she thought had died. Of course, that baby turned out to be the brilliant Ryan (who frankly deserves his own Five Things list), and suddenly Charity’s prickly exterior and bad-girl antics made a lot more sense.

2. She’s a terrible mother – but she knows it and she tries

Charity Vanessa Moses and Ryan in Emmerdale
Charity was thrilled when Ryan turned up in her life, though it’s not been plain sailing (Credit: ITV)

Debbie, Ryan, Noah and Moses are the apples of Charity’s eye but she doesn’t always (often) get it right. There’s no denying, though, that she loves the bones of those kids. And she tries really, really hard to do the right thing. Sometimes.

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3. She’s supportive in a crisis

Charity Dingle in Emmerdale
Charity took on Lee’s mum this week to protect Victoria (Credit: ITV)

She saw off Lee’s mum this week when she turned up in the Woolie to torment poor Vic. When Tracy was going through her court case, Charity was right there supporting her. And when David needed a shoulder to cry on about Jacob, Charity had just the right words to help.

4. She’s hilarious

Charity Dingle in Emmerdale
Scary? Definitely. But also responsible for a lot of laughs in the Dales! (Credit: ITV)

When Charity helped David, he dashed off to find Jacob and asked her to mind the shop. “Help yourself to anything you want,” he said. Charity found the gin. Later, in the pub when things got a bit rowdy, she swayed over to the punters. “We’ve all had a drink,” she said. Nope. Just her.

5. She’s half of Vanity

Charity and Vanessa Vanity in Emmerdale
We love Vanity so much it hurts (Credit: ITV)

We love Vanity so much it hurts. Vanessa and Charity may not have been an obvious pairing at first, but they are ideal for each other and with a wedding round the corner, things are only going to get better for this perfect pair.

One thought on “Five things we love about Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle

  1. I just Love Love Charity to death! So need someone like her in my life! There’s nothing fake about her. She has a heart of gold overall but as Vanessa once said sometimes we think she’s so hard it’s like she has concrete running thru her veins🤣 Her proposal to Vanessa was the best and funniest scene ever! The 5 things you listed were perfect. Vanity is Emmerdale’s Super Couple. Just love Charity and Vanessa as a couple and am so Thankful and Proud they Believe! Can’t say enough about them.

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