We’d all suspected that there was more to Coronation Street’s too-good-to-be-true Jade than met the eye and last week we discovered she is John Stape’s daughter. What a shock!

Or was it?

Jade in Coronation Street at grave
Jade is John Stape’s daughter (Credit: ITV)

Obviously the news that serial killer Stape had a daughter none of us knew about was a big twist but we don’t think we’re alone in thinking there was something slightly familiar about the huge reveal.

A stranger arrives in the Street, befriends someone and then turns out to be related to a former Street villain and out for revenge? It definitely applies to Jade – and we’re thinking it also reminds us of Bethany being taken in by Kayla Clifton.

Befriending Kayla did not end well for Bethany (Credit: ITV)
Befriending Kayla did not end well for Bethany (Credit: ITV)

Kayla and Bethany became firm friends last year – until poor Miss Platt discovered Kayla’s dad was bent copper Neil Clifton – who’d been involved in her sexual exploitation ordeal. She wanted revenge on Bethany for sending her dad to jail. So far, so familiar?

Or how about when Aussie Hannah arrived in Weatherfield accompanied by Jim McDonald and claiming to be Liz’s daughter Katie, who we all thought had died? Turned out Hannah was doing the dirty on Liz while being dirty with ‘daddy’ Jim.  Not quite the same, but definitely a variation on a theme.

Liz and Hannah Coronation Street
Getting to know Hannah was a bad idea for Liz (Credit: ITV)

And Steve may have lost his ‘sister’ but just a few weeks ago, he gained a child when he found out Emma is his daughter. Sweet-natured Emma’s not out for revenge of course (at least, we don’t think so!) but she’s yet another secret relative to show up on the cobbles.

Steve and Emma Coronation Street
There is literally no down side to Emma being Steve’s daughter – hooray! (Credit: ITV)

And it’s not just in Corrie where these long-lost relatives keep turning up. How about Nate in Emmerdale? He sauntered in, seduced Moira, broke up her marriage, and then announced he was actually Cain’s son.

Cain and Nate Emmerdale
Cain and Nate came to blows in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Or there’s EastEnders’ Leo – son of evil paedophile Tony King. He’s wheedled his way into Whitney’s life, convinced his nasty dad was wrongly convicted and out to get his own back. Poor Whit’s still oblivious about Leo’s real identity but when his motives are revealed on screen next week, she’s plunged into danger.

Whitney and Leo EastEnders
Whitney doesn’t know who Leo really is (Credit: BBC)

While all these stories have provided the soapy drama we all love, we can’t help wishing for more.

We love a good reveal as much as the next fan, but it’s getting to the point where we’re suspicious of any newcomer to the Square, the Street or the dales. Could they be a long-lost son or daughter, hell-bent on vengeance? If they are, we won’t be surprised.

Let’s hope 2020 brings new surprises to the soaps, rather than more of the same.



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