We love EastEnders, obviously, and most of the time we can ignore those tiny little annoyances that all TV shows have. Every now and then, though, we can’t help thinking ‘what?’. And last week we found ourselves saying it more often than usual. Here’s what’s been bothering us…

1 Max and the medium

Max Branning and the medium EastEnders
Max had a chat with the medium (Credit: BBC)

“I’m not a con-woman,” said the con-woman parting Max from his money as she told him basically nothing about poor dead Abi. One thing was missing from their chat, though. Bradley. Max didn’t even mention the other child he’d lost – though he did get a half mention later in the week. Poor Bradley. We’ve not forgotten you, mate.

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2 Shirley’s job

Shirley Carter EastEnders
Shirley can’t believe she’s fallen for Phil’s scam (Credit: BBC)

Anyone else wondering what it is that Shirley does for Phil exactly? It takes her away from home for weeks at a time, and appears to pay her precisely nothing so she’s left living in horrible B&Bs or bunking on other people’s sofas. We think she needs to have a chat with HR.

3 Lucas

Lucas EastEnders
We’re confused about how we should feel about Lucas (Credit: BBC)

We loved Lucas’s reign of terror back in the day. We love Denise. We really love the new Chelsea. But there’s something that’s just not working about his return for us. Are we supposed to feel sorry for the double murderer who kept his wife locked up for so long that her family held a funeral for her? Because it’s not happening…

4 Jack the super-policeman

Jack Branning EastEnders
Jack is totally rubbish – this week (Credit: BBC)

Somehow Jack Branning manages to be both the Best Policeman in Walford and completely rubbish at the same time. Either or, Jack, please. You’re making us dizzy. And BTW – you totally deserve to be sacked for telling Max about Mick.

5 Where have all the friends gone?

Sharon and Linda EastEnders
We love Sharon and Linda as friends (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders is built on female friendships. Dot and Ethel. Angie and Kathy. Sharon and Michelle. Lisa and Mel. Bianca and Tiffany… we can keep going for hours! But suddenly everyone’s fallen out. Sharon and Linda’s confrontation in the Vic was brilliant TV but we’re so sad they’re not mates any more. Same goes for Ruby and Stacey who were tight. And now they’re not. Even Bernie and Tiff barely share screen time now. Bring back the mates!


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