Max Branning has always had an eye for the women of Albert Square, but none of his affairs have caused as much chaos as his romance with daughter in law, Stacey.

Max and Stacey’s affair began after Stacey fell pregnant by Bradley. Bradley – prompted by dad Max – talked her into having an abortion and their relationship fell apart.

Bradley and Stacey EastEnders
Bradley and Stacey were happy at Christmas 2007 (Credit: BBC)

In revenge, Stacey moved on with Max and their passionate affair carried on until Max’s wife Tanya announced her own pregnancy.

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Torn between the two women, Max picked Tanya and Stacey and Bradley rekindled their romance and eventually got married.

Max and Tanya EastEnders
Max chose Tanya over Stacey but he couldn’t stay away (Credit: BBC)

But it wasn’t over between Max and Stacey. They shared a couple more stolen kisses, including on the morning of Stacey and Bradley’s wedding.

Max Stacey EastEnders
Guilty, much? (Credit: BBC)

Bradley’s sister, Lauren, had hidden a video camera in the room hoping to capture some candid shots from the wedding preparation. But what she actually found was footage of her dad snogging her new sister-in-law.

Lauren Bradley Stacey EastEnders
Lauren changed her mind but it was too late (Credit: BBC)

Determined to expose their betrayal, Lauren wrapped up the DVD and put it under the Christmas tree for Bradley to find. She changed her mind at the last minute, but it was too late.

Tanya Branning EastEnders
Tanya was horrified (Credit: BBC)

And the whole Slater/Branning clan watched in horror as the affair was shown on the family television.

Max Stacey EastEnders
The whole family watched Max and Stacey’s stolen kiss (Credit: BBC)

It was brilliant telly. Though Bradley and Stacey did eventually get back together, he died falling from the roof of the Vic back in 2010. Max and Stacey, though, rumbles on.

Max Stacey EastEnders
Is Max and Stacey really over? (Credit: BBC)

They had a brief fling at Christmas in 2017 and there’s still definite chemistry between them. Could there be more to come from this troubled pair?

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