Stacey waltzed back into Albert Square last night with some fancy clothes (thanks to Ruby’s cash), a rediscovered feisty attitude and a new, old name.

It turned out that Stacey was the one who’d been draining Ruby’s bank account and when little Arthur spilled the beans, Ruby marched off to confront Kat.

But when Ruby was demanding Kat tell her where Stacey was, who should appear, but the woman herself.

“Is this a public barney, or can anyone join in?” she asked.

EastEnders fans went wild to see her back on screen. One viewer said she was an icon, while another said: “Staceyyyyyyy is BACK and she is getting her sweet sweet revenge.”

Stacey tweet

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Stacey tweet

And one smitten fan simply wrote: “STACEY SLATER. That’s it. That’s the Tweet.”

And sure enough, when the credits rolled, we saw that it was indeed Stacey SLATER who’d returned to Walford.

So is this the end of Stacey FOWLER, as one fan predicted?

Lacey Turner who plays sassy  Stacey isn’t sure.

“She’s really sad about her and Martin,” she told us. “In her heart of hearts she does still love him, I think it’s quite hard her to watch them together. But in true Stacey style, she will just put on a front and pretend she doesn’t care. She would take Martin back tomorrow if he said he wanted to come back.”

Lacey has revealed that she’s only back in EastEnders for a short while as she’s pregnant with her second baby and she’ll be taking an extended maternity leave. So it looks like Stacey’s return will be explosive.

We can’t wait!


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