This week’s soaps have been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Here’s our pick of this week’s best – and most disappointing – bits.

1 Phil and Kat

Phil and Kat EastEnders
Sharon’s got some competition in Ms Slater! (Credit: BBC)

Sometimes in soap, something happens that is so perfect you can’t quite believe it’s not happened before. Step forward, Phil and Kat. Our fave new Walford couple.

2 The Websters in a fridge

Debbie and Kevin Webster Coronation Street
No more Abba, Kev. Please! (Credit: ITV)

Or was it a freezer? No one really seemed sure. The peril never felt very real. And we never want to hear Kev singing Abba again. The bright spot, though, was when they were finally released from their frosty prison, Kev and Abi got engaged (yay!) and Debbie’s back to her usual, brilliant ways. Phew.

3 Gabby’s pregnancy¬†

Gabby Thomas and Jamie Tate Emmerdale
Gabby is quite clear that she’s in charge (Credit: ITV)

¬†We’ve long been fans of young Gabby Thomas. She’s just the perfect mix of vulnerability and steely determination. Her relationship with stepmum Laurel is ace, and we cheered when she told Jamie that she was in charge. Go, Gabby!

4 Ruby and Stacey

Stacey and Ruby EastEnders
We still miss Stacey and Ruby’s friendship (Credit: BBC)

We’re not totally on board with Stacey and Ruby being at each other’s throats, but just having them together on screen was a treat. And we were weirdly sympathetic to evil Ruby when Stacey made her wee in the bin.

5 Max’s exit

Max Branning exit EastEnders
Max got Julia’s Theme but was it the exit he deserved? (Credit: BBC)

Fifteen years, umpteen romances, one of the best affair reveals in soap history, being buried alive, jailed for a crime he didn’t commit… only to wander out of Walford with everyone hating him. It’s the end of an era for the Brannings but we’re still quietly hoping April might come back one day.

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