Last night’s EastEnders left viewers shocked as evil Gray Atkins forced wife Chantelle under the water in her bath and made her stay there for two minutes.

As Chantelle emerged, choking and spluttering, it was clear it wasn’t the first time that she’d been ‘punished’ in this way.

Chantelle and Gray in the bath EastEnders
Chantelle was forced to stay under the water while Gray timed her (Credit: BBC)

We already know that poor Chantelle is to die at the hands of her twisted husband in episodes on screen next week.

And now fans are convinced she’ll drown when his warped punishment goes wrong.

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“I get the feeling when Gray kills Chantelle he’s going to drown her and make it look like a suicide,” said one fan on Twitter.

Others were also convinced that Chantelle will drown. And one fan added: “I’m dreading the episode when she leaves.”

And the Enders experts at the Walford Weekly Podcast went even further with their speculation, reminding us of a storyline from back before lockdown when Sharon found the photograph of the Vic’s first owners, Mr and Mrs Backstock, and told Linda that Mr Bagstock had drowned his wife in the bath.

Mr and Mrs Bagstock Vic EastEnders
Mr and Mrs Bagstock were the first owners of The Queen Vic (Credit: BBC)

“Was this super subtle hints about Chantelle’s end,” they wondered.

We’re actually still hoping there’s been a terrible mistake and Chantelle will actually escape and live happily ever after with Kheerat. Who’s with us?


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