There’s going to be a big surprise in Emmerdale this Christmas that will leave viewers gasping in shock, according to the show’s producer Jane Hudson.

It may only be September, but the soaps are already ramping up for Christmas and there are lots of exciting stories coming up in the Dales.

Jane revealed that there are some new arrivals on their way to Emmerdale.

Aaron Dingle Emmerdale
Aaron could be smiling again when his new love interest arrives (Credit: ITV)

“Moira’s brother is arriving,” she said. “He’s a troublemaker, he’s good looking, he turns heads, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. We’ve got Manpreet’s sister who again, is not backwards in coming forwards! She’s quite a character and we find out exactly why Manpreet hasn’t spoken to her for all these years. We’ve also got Ben, who is going to be Aaron’s new love interest and that’s not going to be the easiest road because it’s Aaron and it never is!”

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And Jane said that the biggest surprise was going to be on Christmas Day.

“When Christmas Day is over and done with and you’ve opened all your presents, there’s a massive present when Emmerdale comes on,” she said. “There’s such a surprise box ready to be opened, I think all the viewers will be watching the screen with their hands over their face going, ‘No, I did not see that coming!’ I can’t wait for the Christmas Day episode.”

Nor can we, Jane!

What do you think the surprise could be? Let us know!

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