Sean’s return to EastEnders has got us very excited because we’ve waited so long for the brilliant bad boy to come back.

Now Gillian Wright, who plays Sean’s on-screen mum, Jean, has revealed she’s just as thrilled about  working with Rob Kazinsky, who plays surly Sean, again.

But she confessed she was nervous about picking up the mother/son relationship after 10 years.

“Rob’s been to Hollywood,” Gillian reveals in this video shared by EastEnders. “I wasn’t sure what to expect.”

Rob Kazinsky plays Sean Slater in EastEnders
Sean opens up to mum Jean about his love life (Credit: BBC)

In the clip, we see Jean and Sean opening up to each other as Sean admits he’s only ever really loved poor Roxy Mitchell.

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The bond between Jean and her son is strong, and while Jean’s battling ovarian cancer, the return of Sean is a bright spot in an otherwise difficult time.

But nothing is ever straightforward in Soapland and we can’t help thinking Sean’s return could cause more problems than it solves.

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