But will it ever be revealed? 

Cast your mind WAY back to Christmas 2006 in Emmerdale. Tom King was cock of the walk at Home Farm, warring with his sons Carl, Jimmy and Matthew and making enemies all over the place.

On Christmas Day, Tom was pushed out of a window at Home Farm and killed (surely it’s the most dangerous address in Yorkshire?!) and one of the biggest whodunnits in Emmerdale got underway.

There were all sorts of suspects, including current village residents Chas Dingle, Jimmy King and Bob Hope, as well as Bob’s son, Jamie, Tom’s stepson Grayson Sinclair, and elderly villager Len Reynolds.

Emmerdale Cluedo
Emmerdale created a special Cluedo box to promote the whodunnit

In the end, it was revealed that Tom’s son Carl was the killer. He was never officially brought to justice but met his own sticky end at the hands of another legendary Emmerdale killer, Cameron Murray a few years later.

Bob Hope in Emmerdale
Bob Hope was one of the top suspects

As part of the publicity campaign around the whodunnit, Emmerdale sent out special boxes of the classic boardgame Cluedo. When we dug ours out over Christmas, we posted a pic on Twitter (@soapboxchat) and we were amazed when Tony Audenshaw, aka Bob, got in touch.

“As villagers we still don’t know who did it,” he revealed.

As life-long soap fans, we know secrets in soap are ALWAYS uncovered eventually.

Jimmy King in Emmerdale
Give Jimmy something to do!

Maybe it could even give poor Jimmy King a proper storyline for once!