Coronation Street‘s Tyrone turning out to be such a wally wasn’t the only surprise in this week’s soaps.

There were some big shocks this week – and we don’t just mean Faye Windass being sent down for three whole years for bopping Adam Barlow over the head.

Here’s what surprised us about this week’s soaps.

1 We were pleased to see Corrie’s Gary Windass back on the cobbles

Gary Windass in Corrie
I know you don’t believe us, Gary. But we’re pleased you’re back in the Street (Credit: ITV)

Gary’s been popping up in prison scenes, but we have to be honest, we’ve not missed him since he’s been inside. So we were surprised when we found ourselves oddly pleased to have him back. Finally, someone to sort things out. Though perhaps not in the right way…

2 We love Mack in Emmerdale

Mack Emmerdale
Even when he’s in a bad way, Mack is still cracking jokes in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

We’ve fessed up to our love for Mack before, but it’s not going away. While the whole haulage scam thing is yawn-some, and Mandy being involved made it even more of a slog, somehow we just can’t help loving cheeky Mack. His brazen approach to breaking the law totally works. He’s a great addition to Emmerdale.

3 Will Mitchell is a treasure

Will and Lily EastEnders
Will’s proving an asset to Albert Square (Credit: BBC)

First we loved EastEnders’ Will’s heart to heart with Lily Slater a couple of weeks ago and this week we found ourselves welling up when he defended his “amazing” sister, Janet in the face of horrible trolling from nasty Amy Branning.

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What a treasure Will is. We’re hoping we’ll see more of the kids in Albert Square.

4 Everyone’s so mean in Emmerdale

Meena Emmerdale
Could Meena in Emmerdale BE any meaner? (Credit: ITV)

What’s with all the nastiness this week? Is it something Chas is putting in the drinks in the Woolie? Tracy’s being awful to poor Nate. Jimmy’s absolutely vile to Nicola, who’s trying so hard to look after him, and OMG just what is Meena up to pretending to be Ethan’s mum? He is going to be broken-hearted when he finds out.

5 Coronation Street’s Tyrone is a nasty, selfish piece of work

Tyrone Coronation Street
Yes, you should look ashamed Tyrone (Credit: ITV)

Well we never thought we’d see the day that sweet Tyrone turned out to be such a selfish ratbag. Instead of treating Fiz with the dignity she deserved, he’s swanned off to get jiggy with Alina in a swanky hotel room, posted the pics on their family photostream, and even had the nerve to blame Fiz for Hope finding out about his behaviour. AND now he’s claiming that none of it is his fault because he couldn’t help falling in love with Alina. Hmm. We hope Evelyn’s back soon, because if anyone can give Ty a talking to, it’s his sharp-tongued grandmother. Fiz is well shot of him, we reckon.

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