Liv and Vinny

We have to admit that we weren’t sure how soap’s first socially distanced big stunt would go, but huge credit to Emmerdale for pulling off the disaster at Paul and Mandy’s wedding.

Liv and Vinny Emmerdale
Liv and Vinny were the highlight of Emmerdale’s big week (Credit: ITV)

And an even bigger thumbs up to the brilliant Liv Flaherty and Vinny who were the stars of the whole week.

Soapbox Extra: Five highs and lows from this week’s soaps

Brave, heartbreaking, brilliant performances from Isobel Steele and Bradley Johnson.

Lily and Will

And while we’re on the subject of soap youngsters, how great were Lily and Will together on EastEnders? Admittedly, Will didn’t give Lil the best advice, but they really clicked and we’d love to see more of them together.

Will and Lily EastEnders
Will and Lily are great together. (Credit: BBC)

Todd as a funeral director

Sometimes something happens in soap that’s so perfect, you can’t believe it’s not happened before. And this week, that something was Corrie‘s Todd getting a job at Shuttleworth’s Independent Funeral Directors. Suddenly Bromsgrove’s loss was our gain.

George Shuttleworth Coronation Street
George Shuttleworth was planning a fake funeral for Todd not so long ago. Now he’s Todd’s boss! (Credit: ITV)

Stacey’s departure

Here at Soapbox our icy cold hearts are hardened to the ups and downs of soap. It’s rare that a scene can move us to tears. But we’ve got to admit that Stacey’s goodbye to her kids and her mum had us in absolute bits. Absolutely heartbreaking stuff.

Stacey Slater
Stacey’s goodbye was so sad (Credit: BBC)

Seriously Whitney, stop getting married

Now look here, Whitney Dean. We love you. And we love Kush. But for the love of god, would you just stop with all the engagements?!

Kush and Whitney EastEnders
Stop getting engaged, Whit! (Credit: BBC)

With Kush off to jail soon, we know this latest romance for Whitney isn’t ending well and we can’t stand to see her suffer again. Surely there’s something else for her to do?

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