There was so much going on in this week’s soaps that we’ve had to do two love-it lists. Here’s what we were loving in EastEnders.

Phil Mitchell giving us the feels.

Phil Mitchell EastEnders tears
Tears! We saw tears! (Credit: BBC)

He’s welcoming Callum into the family in his own, slightly warped way. And his little face when he went to visit Raymond (there were TEARS) made us realise it is possible to feel sorry for the murderous Mitchell. Who knew?!


Frankie EastEnders
Frankie is a great addition to EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

We’re intrigued about Frankie’s obsession with the Carter family and she’s a great addition to the show. But we were VERY relieved when she pulled away from Tina’s kiss. Leaving out the possibility of Tina being her great-aunt (!), the weird crush T has on her is icky. Put her down, Tina. She’s young enough to be your…well, your great-niece.

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The return of bad Ian Beale

Ian Beale signs the papers EastEnders
Ian forged Kathy’s signature (Credit: BBC)

Turning on Sharon, lying to Max, treating Bobby like something nasty on his shoe, and AND forging his own mother’s signature to re-mortgage her business – Ian’s had a busy week.

Kathy Beale's signature
We’re not condoning Ian’s fraudulent ways, but it’s not a very, very hard signature to fake, is it? (Credit: BBC)

He’s back to his old ways and showing us all that deep down, he is a bad, bad man. We love it!

We don’t hate Minda¬†

Linda kisses Max EastEnders
It’s Linda’s turn for some Branning action (Credit: BBC)

There is barely a woman on Albert Square who’s not locked lips with Max Branning. This week it was Linda Carter’s turn. We saw it coming and we were nervous, but when it finally happened, we were surprised to discover we didn’t hate it. But L would never cheat on her Mick. Would she?

Drunk Sharon is the best Sharon

Drunk Sharon EastEnders
Sharon enjoyed Frankie’s drag bingo more than Linda did (Credit: BBC)

And Toodle-pip is our new catch phrase.





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