Trevor Morgan’s abuse of his wife Little Mo was one of the most talked-about stories in EastEnders back in 2001.

As Christmas approached, Trevor and Mo were living in the B&B in Albert Square. After months of hearing what the Slaters thought of Mo’s husband, and seeing how she reacted to him, viewers finally saw him be violent towards her in the autumn.

He burned her with an iron when she refused to tell him what was going on in her family and she eventually revealed that Kat was Zoe’s mother.

And from then on the horrifying abuse escalated. Viewers were shocked when Trevor raped his terrified wife and we were all on tenterhooks every time Mo was alone with him.

Mo and Trevor EastEnders
Mo was late for Christmas dinner (Credit: BBC)

On Christmas Day, the Slaters celebrated when Kat brought Zoe back to the Square. But Mo lost track of time and spent too long with her family, infuriating Trevor.

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The Trueman family left to go to the pub, and in homes all over the country, viewers shouted at them not to leave Mo alone with her vicious husband. But it was too late.

Trevor pretended everything was fine as he served Mo her turkey dinner, but soon he was pushing her face into the gravy as Mo wept. It was hard to watch, but there was worse to come.

Mo and Trevor EastEnders
Trevor pushed Mo’s face into her dinner (Credit: BBC)

Still furious, Trevor threw the plate on to the floor and shoved Mo down too. Then he forced her to eat her dinner from the carpet.


Mo Slater EastEnders
Mo had to eat her dinner from the floor (Credit: BBC)

And despite begging her to forgive him, he was soon furious again when he found out she was still taking the pill even though he wanted a baby, beating her up violently. It definitely wasn’t a merry Christmas for poor Mo.

On New Year’s Eve, the tortured wife finally snapped and whacked Trevor over the head with the iron. She thought she’d killed him but when she and her sisters returned to deal with the body, Trevor was gone.

After months of torment, that saw Mo charged with attempted murder, and the appearance of Trevor’s mistress and baby son, Trevor died in a fire in November 2002.

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