Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon explains why it’s the right time for Bethany to leave Weatherfield

Bethany Coronation Street
Bethany loves Daniel but is a proposal what she wants? (Credit: ITV)

Bethany’s romance with Daniel has not been plain sailing. How is she feeling about it all?

Bethany still really loves Daniel and wants to be with him but from what her family and Craig are saying, she is starting to realise that he may not be over Sinead. There are certain moments where Daniel’s actions start to make Bethany think that all is not what she originally thought.  She starts to feel like he is using her to fill a void.

When Daniel proposes to Bethany, it’s hardly romantic. What does Bethany make of this gesture?

Sarah and Bethany in Coronation Street
Sarah and Bethany argued over Bethany’s romance with Daniel (Credit: ITV)

Bethany is confused because Daniel is really drunk; he is slurring his words and he can’t properly stand up. He gets down on one knee like it’s going to be some sort of Romeo and Juliet moment with Bethany up high on a balcony but really she is just hanging out of the window! When Daniel calls Bethany by Sinead’s name, she is really devastated. She realises the ring that he is proposing with is actually Sinead’s ring.

How ready is Bethany to leave Weatherfield?

When the day comes, she is one hundred per cent ready to leave. Everything that has happened recently and everything that has happened in Bethany’s past just cements in her mind that there is no reason for her to stay. She needs to go and do this job in London, grab the opportunity and see what happens. Even though she is sad because she will miss everyone, she is ready for a new start.

Do you think it’s a fitting exit for your character after everything that she has been through?

Bethany lap dancing Coronation Street
Bethany’s had a troubled time in Weatherfield (Credit: ITV)

It’s really nice. I think it would be really sad if we had seen Bethany killed or if something really horrendous had happened to her that made her leave. After everything that’s happened, it’s really nice that she is leaving because of a decision that she has made for herself and there is no bad blood between anyone. She will miss all her family and she loves them all but she is leaving in a really lovely way to start a new chapter.

Can you see a parallel to your own life as you are also starting a new chapter?

Bethany in Coronation Street
Bethany is off for a new life in London (Credit: ITV)

Yes, it was really fitting because when we were doing the final scenes, there was quite a lot of dialogue about Bethany starting a new, exciting chapter of her life and it is similar to what I am going through and because I am also leaving the Street in a way.

Would you be friends with Bethany?

Yes, when we were on our last week of filming I started to feel like I was actually going to miss her! It is so easy for me to come to Coronation Street and become Bethany, I can switch into her quite easily and she is my alter ego. I feel like she will always be there.

What advice would you give to Bethany?

I would tell her that she needs to go to London, work really hard, go above and beyond, make new friends, say ‘yes’ to everything, focus on getting stuck into things and good things will come.

What do your friends and family think about Bethany? Are you alike in any way?

My family watches Coronation Street all the time and especially for my mum and my dad, who are fans of the show, I couldn’t have asked for a better role. I was trusted to do hard-hitting storylines and I’m grateful that in such a short space of time I’ve been busy with different types of stories. I think my family will miss Bethany. In some ways, Bethany and I are alike because we are both quite strong-minded and she does a lot for other people and I like to think that I do too. She is resilient and so am I.

What has been your most memorable moment?

It was when Bethany smashed up the the Platts’ house! That was my favourite scene I’ve ever had and although it was among the emotional, grooming storyline and I was crying and screaming, it was actually really fun to play because I just let go, went crazy and smashed everything!

Who have you enjoyed working with the most? Who would you have loved to have had more scenes with?

It is a tough one but I have got to say the Platts because I started my time at Coronation Street with that family and I ended my time here with that family. My journey wouldn’t have been the same if I wasn’t with them. I would have loved more scenes with Tracy Barlow, her and Bethany could have become an evil double-act!

Have you taken anything from the set that belongs to Bethany?

I have taken a hand-painted mug which has Bethany’s name on, from the salon flat, a couple of dresses and Bethany’s coat.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the grooming storyline because of how important it was. It helped people and encouraged people to open up about things that they might not feel that they can talk about. Not so long ago someone messaged me to say that between the ages of 10 and 21 they had been abused and as they were watching the storyline play out they realised that that was what was happening to them. Now their abuser has been jailed for 17 years.

What has been your most challenging scene?

The court scenes towards the end of the grooming storyline were the most challenging because they were emotional, there were a lot of people there and I had a lot to say. Even during the line run, I got upset.

Do you remember your first scene and your first line?

I remember my first scene was in the salon with Sue Nicholls and Samia Longchambon. I don’t remember my first line but I remember in one of my lines I had to say the name ‘Anna Karenina’ pronounced ‘Karen-in-a’ and I said ‘Karen-neen-a’ and I was really embarrassed because they had to correct me. Everyone was really nice but because it was my first day, I remember I kept it with me all day thinking, ‘This is the worst thing that could have possibly happened!’

How would you like Bethany to be remembered?

I would like her to be remembered for being really strong and being able to come out of a really horrible situation and wanting justice to be done. She has got on with her life and I want people to remember that. She’s a really good person and cares about people, maybe too much and that’s why she keeps getting herself into situations like the one with Daniel.

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