Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz Stape, explains why the stressed mum is fretting about Hope’s dead dad

Why does Fiz decide to tell Tyrone about the factory fire? Is she at breaking point?

Fiz has been keeping her suspicions a secret because she thought that she may be able to handle things, especially now Jade is here to help with Hope. She thought that it would all be fine, that Hope would start behaving better and that the family could get back to normal. But when she thinks that Hope’s behaviour is getting out of control again, she thinks that she better tell Tyrone about the fire.

Jade Evelyn Hope Coronation Street
Evelyn isn’t sure about Jade living with the family (Credit: ITV)

Does Fiz fear that Hope’s behaviour will damage her relationship with Tyrone?

Yes she has been worried about how it will affect their relationship and how it will affect the whole family and Tyrone is not very happy that Fiz has kept this a secret.

Is it in the back of Fiz’s mind that Hope may have a dark streak because of who her father is? 

Fiz tries to be really good and obviously Hope’s dad was far from good. Fiz has tried to bring her up well so when there are traits of her dad coming out in her behaviour, Fiz is really worried.

Hope Fiz John Stape Coronation Street
Hope’s evil dad, John Stape, died when she was just a baby (Credit: ITV)

What does Fiz think of Jade? 

She really likes Jade, after all she brought Jade to Weatherfield to help with Hope. Fiz wants Hope to be okay so she is happy that Hope responds to Jade but she is gutted that Hope listens to Jade and not to Fiz. It makes Fiz feel totally useless as a mother. Jade seems to have a great relationship with Hope and she can control Hope is a way that Fiz can’t.

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Why does Fiz tell Jade that she is no longer needed at No.5?

Tyrone and Evelyn have both said that when Hope goes back to school that Jade needs to be gone. Well, Evelyn wants her gone, like yesterday! Fiz does agree that when Hope goes back to school there is no real need for Jade but she is worried that without Jade in the house, Hope may go back to how she was. Jade’s been teaching Hope, but obviously she has been doing more than that, she has been such a support to Fiz and she has been doing a lot of the parenting because Hope wasn’t responding to Fiz. Fiz knows it’s the right thing to do to let Jade go but she is secretly wondering if Hope is going to behave herself when Jade is not here?

Jade Coronation Street
What is Jade up to? (Credit: ITV)

Does Fiz have any suspicions about Jade?

Evelyn does not like Jade at all, she says there is something funny about her. But Fiz sees nothing funny about Jade, she just sees this amazing girl who her daughter responds to. Hope is so much better when she is around Jade and that is all Fiz wants.

Have viewers said anything to you about Jade?

Yes! People keep coming up to me in the street and saying, “You’ve got to watch her, she’s after your Tyrone!” “Ooh, there’s something not right about Jade!”

Jade and Tyrone have had a few scenes together, what would Fiz say if she knew about that?

If Fiz saw Jade muscling in, I am not sure she would be too happy but Tyrone has got form! Every time Fiz goes away, he does tend to sleep with somebody. Well, to be fair, there was only Gemma, but yes, I am bringing that up again!

What’s Fiz’s biggest hope for the future?

Fiz just wants everything to be nice, it’s coming up to Christmas after all. She just wants to be an ordinary mum with nothing horrible happening. All of them have been through a lot and Fiz doesn’t want any more of that. She just wants two kids that go to school, argue a bit, she shouts at them but it’s all normal and just nice. She is even kind of learning to love Evelyn…ish! She just wants everything to be okay, but I am not sure it’s going to be…

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