How incredible was last week’s EastEnders? The horror of the boat crash and the dramatic scenes as our fave characters ended up in the murky Thames kept us on the edge of our seats. Not to mention the sad loss of young Dennis.

But as always, when there’s been a huge drama, there are some questions that need answered. Here’s what we need to know…

Did Denny’s desperate message get through to Sharon’s phone? 

Dennis trapped in EastEnders
Will Ian reveal why Dennis was trapped below deck when the boat crashed? (Credit: BBC)

When Ian locked Dennis up, the frightened teen rang his mum and frantically told her what had happened. Ian’s being hailed as a hero now, but if Sharon hears that message… Or will Ian be brave and confess to what he did?

What’s next for Linda and Mick?

Mick and Linda Carter in EastEnders
Is the worst really over for Mick and Linda? (Credit: BBC)

After the boat crash, L told Mick she loved him, and that she chose their marriage. It was a real turning point for the Carters. But there’s still that teeny thing about Leo lying dead on the kitchen floor and Mick being in on the secret. Will he tell Linda what’s gone on?

What’s with the whole Peter/Lauren/Jack thing?

Peter and Bobby Beale in EastEnders
Peter’s back but why? (Credit: BBC)

Why did Peter and Lauren break up? Where are Lauren and little Louie now? Why is Max angry that Jack’s been helping out his niece? And why has Jack given Lauren so much money that he’s now broke? And, most importantly, why is Peter back in Walford?

Did Ben hear what Keanu said about Callum?

Ben and Keanu after the EastEnders boat crash
Will Ben manage to track Callum down? (Credit: BBC)

Poor Callum’s still out cold in the warehouse. Keanu told Ben where to find him, but Ben’s struggling to hear after banging his head. Things are looking bleak for poor Mr Halfway. We know Ben won’t give up until he’s tracked him down, but will it be too late?

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Where’s Phil?

Phil Mitchell after the EastEnders boat crash
Phil will be devastated about Denny’s death, but will he turn over a new leaf or look for revenge? (Credit: BBC)

The last we saw of Mr Mitchell was him lurking round a corner, watching the chaos after the rescue. He was clearly devastated about Denny’s death – after all, the young lad was like another son to Phil. Is he feeling guilty about his part in the teen’s demise? Or will he be out for revenge on Ian Beale?

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