Sean Slater’s romance with Roxy Mitchell was passionate and toxic and totally gripping for EastEnders viewers!

After a torrid romance and one of the most unconventional Walford weddings ever, Roxy and Sean finally settled down when baby Amy was born in November 2008.

Sean and Roxy EastEnders
Sean and Roxy’s wedding was unconventional (Credit: BBC)

But the drama was just beginning. Little did Sean know that tiny Amy was actually Jack Branning’s daughter after he and Roxy had a one-night stand.

Sean and Roxy EastEnders
Sean found the DNA results in his Christmas cracker (Credit: BBC)

Sean’s rocky relationship with Roxy’s dad, Archie, meant his father-in-law was keen to get rid of him. And when Jack asked Roxy to get a paternity test, and Archie found the results, the game was on.

Sean and Roxy EastEnders
Sean wasn’t happy (Credit: BBC)

Archie enlisted Suzy Branning to help him. He gave her a copy of the DNA results and she hid them in a Christmas cracker.

Jack Roxy and Ronnie EastEnders
TFW you know you’re the father of your girlfriend’s sister’s baby (Credit: BBC)

When Sean saw the letter, he was devastated – and went totally off the rails. After giving Jack a thump, he kidnapped Amy and disappeared.

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But he later came home and persuaded Roxy that he’d forgiven her. They made plans to move away from Walford and start a new life together.

Sean had tricked Roxy, though, and instead intended to kill himself and her. In shocking scenes on New Year’s Day 2009, the pair were plunged into an icy lake. Luckily everyone survived their misadventure (only for Roxy to drown exactly eight years later – do NOT get us started on that).

And Sean made a brief return to Albert Square last year.


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