Emmerdale hunk Dave Glover sent fans’ pulses racing when he had a steamy affair with Kim Tate back in the mid-90s.

Dave was engaged to girlfriend Kathy Tate, who he’d supported through her divorce, but that didn’t stop him starting a passionate romance with Kim Tate.

Kim Tate and Dave Glover Emmerdale
Kim and Dave had a passionate affair (Credit: ITV)

The pair were desperately in love, and when Kim got pregnant she was sure the baby was Dave’s – especially as husband Frank had some fertility problems.

Kim Tate and Jamie Tate Emmerdale
Kim was convinced baby James was Dave’s son (Credit: ITV)

When Frank found out about the romance, he started divorce proceedings, but later he offered Kim £1 million to go back to him.

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Kim (of course!) accepted the offer. She told Dave the baby wasn’t his, and returned to Home Farm.

Baby James – who’s now causing problems in the village himself – was born in September 1996.

Meanwhile, Dave rekindled his romance with Kathy and they got married.

Dave couldn’t keep away from Kim, though, and the pair were soon sneaking around behind Frank’s back. They made plans to leave the village together while everyone was  busy celebrating Dave’s sister Linda’s Christmas wedding to Biff Fowler.

Dave Glover rescues Jamie Tate Emmerdale
Dave died when he rescued baby Jamie (Credit: ITV)

As the pair got ready to go, however, a fire broke out at Home Farm in baby Jamie’s nursery. Dave, who was convinced he was the baby’s father, bravely ran into the flames and rescued the tot. But burning rubble fell on to the doting dad and he was badly injured. He died in hospital, with wife Kathy by his side.

Kathy Glover Emmerdale
Kathy was devastated by Dave’s death (Credit: ITV)

Frank later got a paternity test to prove baby James was his son, but Claire King, who plays Kim Tate, has hinted she still thinks Dave could be Jamie’s real dad.



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