Corrie chat: Kym Marsh reveals all about Robert and Michelle’s baby plans

What does Michelle think of Robert’s idea to have a baby?

It really surprised her when he said it and she panicked – she didn’t expect it at all. Now it has put a bit of a barrier between them because he’s has clearly thought about it and she just hadn’t even considered it. 

How does she feel when she realises he’s lied about a training course?

She is wary that he is keeping stuff from her again. And because they’re at odds over the whole baby thing, she is really worried.

Is that what prompts her to look into having counselling?

She realises she has never really considered whether she could face getting pregnant again. She had written it off thinking it was the worst thing she could do but now she’s wondering if that is actually the case. She talks to Toyah and she recommends someone for her to see.

How does Robert react?

It’s Robert’s turn to be thrown. Thinking that Michelle was adamant about not having another baby he had started to go down a different route with Kate and Rana. Now he knows he’ll have to let them down to have a baby with Michelle.

How would Michelle feel about Robert plotting with Kate?

She would be devastated. He hadn’t even given her time to really consider his idea before he rushed headlong into another plan. And he didn’t even discuss it with her first – how hurtful is that? After everything she went through losing her baby, then finding out about Steve and Leanne and Oliver, the last thing she needs is someone else keeping secrets from her about babies.

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